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Apply for British Council Creative Economy E-learning Programme 2022



The Creative Economy E-Learning program for aspiring and early-stage young African entrepreneurs is focused on entrepreneurship and delivers a collection of free online courses for the next generation of African leaders to support them through their business journey.

The program is developed to support the British Council’s wider Creative Economy strand, designed to help develop an ecosystem in which young entrepreneurs can thrive. The program modules are;

Creative Entrepreneurship

Basic: Understanding the Creative Economy (Including what sectors constitute the Creative Economy, the economic, social, and cultural value of the Creative Industries) using relevant case studies and data to aid understanding).

  • Course 1: Intro to African Creative Economy
  • Course 2: Bringing Your Idea to Life
  • Course 3: Finding the Right People
  • Course 4: Building Your Business
  • Course 5: Branding and Marketing your Business

Intermediate: With the basic course as a recommended pre-requisite, the intermediate course will provide additional depth to basic courses and includes the following:

    • Course 1: Your Entrepreneurship Strategy
    • Course 2: Personal and Business Growth Strategies
    • Course 3: Protecting My Business
    • Course 4: Finance For Creative Business
    • Course 5: Building and Leading Teams
    • Course 6: Raising Capital for My Business
    • Course 7: Promoting and Pitching My Business

    Social Impact through Creative Entrepreneurship

    Provide participants with an understanding of the impact of entrepreneurship, social innovation, and factors to consider in pivoting enterprises to achieve social impact.

    • Topic 1: Introduction to ‘Impact Entrepreneurship
    • Topic 2: Introduction to Impact Economy – balancing profit with impact
    • Topic 3: Understanding Social Innovation (including Human-Centered Design)
      • Topic 5: Impact Entrepreneurship of the 21st Century: The role of technology
      • Topic 6: Inclusion, Sustainability, and Values and Ethics
      • Topic 7: Types of financing for Impact Enterprises and how to attract them

      Creative Economy Policy

      This intermediate course provides relevant insight for policy stakeholders in relation to the creative economy.

      • Topic 1: Refresher on Introduction to Policy Making
      • Topic 2: Understanding the Creative Economy
      • Topic 3: The role of the creative economy in sustainable development
      • Topic 4: Approaches to Creative Economy Policy
      • Topic 5: Steps to consider for the development or strengthening of the creative economy



  • Upon completing the program, participants will receive a certificate as evidence of their achievement. The certificate will make you eligible to apply for sustained support through mentoring, coaching, incubation, and acceleration through British Council’s wider work in participating countries.



  • Open to aspiring and early-stage young African entrepreneurs in creative industries like fashion, music, film, and photography;
  • Entrepreneurs may be from one of the following countries: Ghana, Kenya, Senegal, South Africa, Sudan, and Zimbabwe.
  • Applicants should be between 18 – 35 years.



Information Technology


Selection process

The quality of your application will determine each selection.


End date

November 25, 2022



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