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Apply for Merge Data Challenge 2022



This competition is open to individuals in data or the Ethereum community—providing research on the topics like sustainability, communication, and optimization pattern of the Ethereum community. Your blog post would give beginners, researchers, and developers an opportunity to learn about the merge data. The Merge is coming, providing a more secure and sustainable home for Ethereum as well as more data, lots and lots of data. And the Ethereum community needs your help to make sense of it all.

  • What new visualizations help provide insight into proof-of-stake Ethereum?
  • How does the consensus layer and execution layer interact? Are there differences across client pairs in communication patterns, efficiency, etc? Are there good places to optimize?
  • What, if anything, changed on the network at the point of The Merge—block propagation times, p2p connections, transaction mempool performance, etc?
  • Did The Merge affect core Beacon Chain activity—attestation performance, blocks missed, sync committees?
  • Did user activity noticeably change after the Merge? What about MEV?
  • What new tools can you build to collect and analyze data in the post-Merge network?




  • Open to Ethereans, data scientists, data engineers, data visualizers, and developers.
  • Blog posts must be in English. There are no length requirements.
  • Blog posts must be public and original.
  • Data analysis or visualization must concern Merge network data.
  • Tools and scripts used (and created) must be free and open source and referenced in the blog post.






Up to $30,000 to be won.


How to apply

You are expected to document your best merge data research in the most readable way on a blog post.


Selection process

Anyone is free to apply all you need to do is collect and merge data with existing tools or you can build your own tools. Detail out your work in a blog post then submit.





End date

31st October 2022


Apply here



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