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Apply for WWSF 2023 Prize for Women’s Creativity in Rural Life



The Women’s World Summit Foundation (WWSF) has launched the “Prize for Women’s Creativity in Rural Life” to honor women and women’s groups around the world exhibiting exceptional creativity, courage, and commitment to the improvement of the quality of life in rural communities.

The Prize aims to draw international attention to laureates’ contributions to sustainable development, household food security, and peace, thus generating recognition and support for their projects. While rural women are vital in providing examples of sound practice in their communities, they still do not have full access to tools needed for development, such as education, credit, land rights, and participation in decision-making. By highlighting and awarding creative development models, innovations, and experiences enhancing the quality of rural life, WWSF participates in addressing the eradication of rural poverty, gender mainstreaming, and women’s empowerment.



  • Nominees should be women and women’s groups currently active in rural life whose efforts have not yet been acknowledged by other awards. They may not nominate themselves.
  • The nominating organization or individual must have direct experience of the nominee’s work. The nominator may not nominate a family member, be a member of the nominated organization, nor can an organization nominate its senior officer (i.e. founder, president). No more than three nominees may be presented by the same person/organization in the same year. The nominator commits to organize an award ceremony if the candidate is selected for the Prize and invites the media


Selection process

  • The long-term impact of the Prize depends on the integrity of the nominators and the quality of their nominations. The Prize is an award for successful accomplishments rather than a fund for future projects.
  • Any of the following elements should be emphasized:
    • Exceptional courage and perseverance in improving rural life.
    • Creativity in the approach.
    • Preservation of and respect for the environment.
    • Continuing impact on the community.
    • Participation in the WWSF 17 Days of Activism Campaign 1-17 October with 17 themes is encouraged.
    • Underline how the work of the candidate promotes the UN Sustainable Development Agenda 2030.



  • $1000


End date

April 20 2023



Apply here