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Kiddo Save

Do you want to be intentional about saving for your child? KiddoSave is the perfect tool for parents who want to be intentional about saving for their child’s future. This Kids Saving Wallet is dedicated to kids under 18 years of age and is maintained by parents, especially mothers. With our competitive interest rates, Kiddosave allows you to save towards specific goals for your child such as education, health, holidays, birthdays, or gifts. You can create multiple savings goals for each child, track progress, and lock in the money saved for a long time, ensuring that you stay on track toward achieving your goals. Start investing in your child’s future today.

Why KIddo Save?

Automatic Savings

Set it and forget it with our automatic savings plan. Transfer money from your Float or Bank account to your Kids’ Savings Wallet and watch the savings grow!

Competitive Interest Rates

Reach their savings goals faster with our competitive interest rates.

Multiple Savings Goals

Want to save for your child’s education, holiday, and birthday all at the same time? No problem! Our Kids Savings Wallet allows you to create and track multiple savings goals.

Multiple Children

Have more than one child? No worries! With KiddoSave, you can add as many children as you want and create a savings plan for each child. Start building a bright financial future for all your kids today!

Ready to start saving for your child’s future today?

Not everyone is intentional about their children’s financial future, but you can be. Join other savvy parents who are setting their children up for financial success.