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Celebrating women who have made a difference in various industries.

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Celebrating women who have made a difference in various industries.

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With the Honoree Awards, Herconomy would like to celebrate women who have made great strides in their industries and contributed to the lives and economy around them. REMEMBER! You can nominate as many people as you want for the various industries/categories!

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Folawe Omikunle

Folawe Omikunle is a social entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience
spanning Education, Development, Non-profit Management, Fundraising,
and Sustainability. Her degrees in International Law and diplomacy, Diplomatic studies, and Montessori Education from Babcock University, Nigeria, University of
Westminster, and Modern Montessori International, United Kingdom
prepared her to be a catalyst for change as she has revolutionized the
education non-profit sector in Nigeria. She possesses Executive
Certifications from Lagos Business School, Nigeria, and Harvard University.

Mary Mosope Adeyemi

Mary Mosope Adeyemi is a passionate, people-oriented and purpose-driven woman who successfully walks the tight-rope of business and social pursuits.

Mosope is an award-winning investment professional with a 15 year tenure working with global investment banks. She currently serves as an Executive Director at Goldman Sachs where she leads the deployment of the banks balance sheet into European TMT credit opportunities.

Angelica Munoz

Angelica Munoz currently leads the S4YE’s Youth Engagement agenda at the World Bank. She has substantial experience in the areas of governance, employment policy and skills development, with a particular focus in Central Asia, the Arab States, and the Asia Pacific regions. Before joining the World Bank, Angelica worked for the ILO, the UNECE, WIPO and the OECD. Her interest are on digitalization, the future of work and the future of learning.

Adaorie Udechukwu

Senior Gender & Economic Inclusion Specialist, Africa at International Finance Corporation, World Bank Group

Adaorie is a finance and gender specialist with 17 years of experience in the private sector. She has expertise in banking, women’s economic empowerment & inclusion, and strategy. In her current role at IFC, she manages gender projects and mainstreaming to reduce gender gaps across employment and entrepreneurship in Africa’s private sector. As Head, Women Banking at Access Bank, she supported women sub-segments in Nigeria and key African markets (Ghana, Rwanda, Zambia, Gambia, and Sierra Leone)